How much does staging cost? 

At Rivertowns Staging, we scale our services to meet all needs and budgets. We provide free estimates outlining which rooms require staging, how they will be staged and the cost. The staging needs of every home are unique. Some homes require a full staging plan that includes rental furniture, rugs, lamps, artwork and accessories. Other rooms can be transformed using the homeowner’s own furniture and adding decorative items from Rivertowns Staging inventory, key purchases, and professional styling. Many houses can be transformed by staging just one or two key rooms.

Staging seems pricey. Is it really worth it? 

Houses that are staged get more offers and are on the market for a shorter time. Home staging typically costs much less than a price reduction. Want proof? Click here for the National Association of Realtors latest home staging statistics.

My house will be empty when I put it on the market. Doesn’t an empty room look bigger?

When a buyer sees empty rooms, they often have a hard time imagining how furniture will appear in the room. They wonder if a sofa will fit along the wall, if a table seating eight people will fit in the dining room, or if a queen bed will fit in a bedroom. A room looks biggest when the furniture is the right proportion for a room.

I just bought a new rug and some other home furnishings for my next house. Can I used them to stage the house that I am selling?

One of the goals of home staging is to showcase a home’s selling features. Items that look great in one home might not work in another. Another goal of staging is to neutralize the style of the homeowner. The items that you just bought for your new home aren’t likely to do that. Rivertowns Staging furnishes a home with items that show a home in its best light and with maximum buyer appeal. 

I’d like to save money and stage my home myself. Why would I hire someone to do that for me?

Very few sellers can view their personal furnishing and home accessories objectively in order to market their home effectively. Unless you have a background in design and are in touch with the latest trends in home design, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to stage a home as successfully as professionals like Rivertowns Staging. By utilizing our inventory you can save money by renting items rather than buying new ones. If your budget is tight, we can set up a deferred payment plan where a percentage of the staging cost is due at closing.

Can every home benefit from home staging?

Almost every home can benefit with some degree of home staging. The way we live in our homes is different from how we need to market them. For some homes a partial staging is appropriate, while other homes benefit from full staging in select rooms. For an empty house, we recommend full staging in key rooms. Rivertowns Staging provides a free estimate that outlines which rooms require staging, how they will be staged and the cost. 

Should I stage my home before I put it on the market, or put it on first and see what response I get from potential buyers first?

The first two weeks after a home gets listed are crucial because the bulk of potential buyers will view the home online and decide whether or not to see it at that time. Don’t risk creating a negative impression with these all-important buyers. The initial buzz about your home dramatically affect its sale—it’s important to stage before you list your home. 

I’ve lived in my home for quite a while and spent a lot of money over the years on the furnishings that I have. Why would the items in your inventory be more appealing to buyers than the things I’ve bought specifically for my home?

Rivertowns Staging’s inventory features furniture and accessories that are up-to-the-minute with the latest trends that appeal to the maximum number of buyers. Depending on the situation, it might make sense to introduce a few new pieces that work with some of your existing furniture. Rivertowns Staging provides a free estimate that outlines which rooms require staging, how they will be staged and the cost.

A lot of the furniture I see in your photos is quite modern looking and my house is a traditional colonial. What type of furniture would you bring in?

It is possible to add modern furniture to a traditional home to give it a quick face-lift. In fact, done the right way, it can look stunning. Rivertowns Staging often mixes modern and transitional furniture with antiques to create an eclectic look that appeals to many buyers. 

What areas does Rivertowns Staging cover?

Rivertowns Staging is based in Irvington, NY. We focus on staging homes in Westchester County NY, New York City, Southern Connecticut, and Rockland County. We also work remotely with clients all over North America.

“Working with Rivertowns Staging was fun and efficient. We sold our house quickly thanks to their expertise in staging.”                             

—Andrea S., Dobbs Ferry, NY