Here are some recent examples of homes transformed by Rivertowns Staging & Design.

400 E 56th St., 11R New York City, NY

When the staging was complete I barely recognized my house - it was gorgeous! Most importantly I received multiple offers and it sold for more than I expected.
— Lynn Pagliaccio

652 Long Hill West, Briarcliff NY

Karen was the ultimate professional - super easy to work with, quick, her staging was elegant and really helped me sell my home quickly (within 30 days!). Thanks Rivertowns Staging for a job well worth the investment!!
— Molly Penn

20 Marianna Dr., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Karen’s design and understanding of the market, was a key component in my house having 6 bids in 7 days and we were in contract on the 10th day. The final bid was well over asking.
— Todd Matlovsky

 "Before and After" photos are a fantastic way to see what is possible with Rivertowns Staging & Design's home staging.

Below you'll see some of the transformations that we have made for our customers. We showcase a home’s best features, maximize appeal to buyers, and result in a faster, higher sale. 

This elegant home benefited from upscale furniture and accessories so that buyers could see its true potential and sold immediately for over list price.

Staged homes sell for more than empty ones. They look better online and show buyers the true potential of the space. 

Some updated accessories were simply added to this homeowner's existing furniture. This is an effective way to update a room without spending a lot of money and the sellers were more than satisfied with the rate of return on the money that they spent for improvements and staging.

11 Riverview MBR.jpg

Large furniture can crowd a room and make it feel smaller than it is. By staging with smaller-scaled light-colored furniture, this room feels larger and brighter.

Today's buyer often appreciates a less formal look. A lighter, brighter, and more casual approach targets younger buyers and looks better online.

By transforming this niche into a small office, buyers could see its potential.

This homeowner's investment in new floors and paint were accented with a dining set that better matched the mid-century appeal of this home.

The breakfast nook, above, was converted back to its original use so that buyers could better imagine having meals in the space.

Children often come with their parents to look at homes. Why not make their rooms appealing too?

Porches are the first thing that buyers see so savvy homeowners stage them too!